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Paradox reveals a Norse RPG and a WWII strategy game

Paradox Development Studio has two new games in the pipeline, both of which were announced at the Paradox Interactive Convention in Miami this week.

The first from the studio behind the Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings series, Runemaster, is a role-playing game steeped in Norse mythology, procedural maps and quests. Check out the trailer above and the gallery below for a glimpse at Runemaster's world, which is heading to unannounced platforms "next winter," Paradox says.

The second game, Hearts of Iron 4, will be the latest installment in Paradox's World War II series. Paradox will populate the strategy game with historical figures and offer air, land and sea battles with period accurate vehicles. You can check out the game in the trailer below and some concept art in the gallery below that. Hearts of Iron 4 is headed to Linux, Mac and Windows PC in early 2015.

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