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Open-world winter sports game Snow updated from player feedback

The latest update to Poppermost Productions' open-world snowboarding and skiing title Snow brings with it a handful of tweaks based on community feedback from the early access release, according to a post on the game's Tumblr.

The update, which went live earlier today, fixed the players' ability to rack up negative points during gameplay and instances of triggers failing when players tried to execute ollies (a move in which board and rider go airborne). Multiplayer synching has also been tweaked to avoid players hovering over the ground and the air rotation system has been polished to look more realistic.

Additionally, a new forward-facing camera has been added and is enabled by default unless players' manually change it.

The video above, narrated by CEO of Poppermost and Snow director Alexander Bergendahl, shows the update in action. Snow launched in alpha via Steam Early Access last October; there is currently no further information on a full release.

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