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HockeyBird takes the ice, courtesy of the NHL and Rovio

A former Angry Bird who flew the coop may be heading to a hockey stadium near you.

HockeyBird, the avian hybrid from Angry Birds creator Rovio Entertainment and The National Hockey League, is designed to be "a true symbol of the energy, intensity and joy of the game," according to a post on Rovio's official site.

The Finnish-born mascot will make his public debut in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Vancouver, around the 2014 NHL Stadium Series, a set of outdoor NHL games beginning Jan. 25. HockeyBird will appear on jumbo screens, where the crowds there can play two interactive games — Slingshot and Slapshot — that use "state-of-the-art voice activated technology," according to Rovio.

"The more noise you make, the more power he gathers," the post reads. "The more power he gathers, the better he performs! This is one sharpshooting bird that might merit all three stars of the game!"

You can see the super enthusiastic HockeyBird hovering above the ice in the video above. Soon, you'll also be able to see him on NHL-Rovio licensed HockeyBird products, too.

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