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Avegant touts its VR headset as a 'mobile personal theater'

Michigan-based engineering company Avegant's Kickstarter campaign for its virtual reality and audio headset, the Glyph, has already soared past its funding goal of $250,000 by more than two times the asking amount.

At the time of writing, the Glyph's campaign has pulled in more than $604,000 from more than 1,200 backers. The campaign has 27 days to go.

The Glyph, which has been in development for the past two years, can be used as a virtual reality headset, headphones or both at once. The device beams 3D images directly onto users' retinas and is compatible with most devices — including computers, mobile phones and video game consoles. The Glyph also features built-in head tracking, which was just recently shown as part of the Oculus Rift new Crystal Cove prototype — and built-in noise-canceling audio.

"Since the beginning of personal display technology, screens have been getting smaller and closer to our eyes but with one limitation: image quality," reads the Kickstarter page. "At Avegant we've solved that problem using a new technology that mimics the way that we as humans naturally see light. Using a Virtual Retinal Display we've figured out how to project images directly onto your retina, creating sharp, stark images unlike anything you've seen before."

Backers who pledge $499 and up will receive a working Beta Glyph Prototype, which is estimated to ship this December. Check out the video below for a look at the Glyph in action.

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