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Starbound mod adds Mass Effect-inspired gameplay

A mod for the beta version of Chucklefish's sandbox space game, Starbound, adds weapons, races and music from BioWare's space epic trilogy, Mass Effect.

The mod, posted on Chucklefish's forums, was created by trio Team SMEE. Once installed, "Starbound: Mass Effect Edition" allows players to change their character into an Asari or Turian, or fly the Normady SR-1 while exploring the universe. Players also gain the power to use biotic abilities, such as Lift or Slow, wear armor from the game or use Mass Effect guns.

The Mass Effect mod does require a separate download for supporting custom races, such as the Simple Extended Character Creation Mod or Kawa's Xbawks Mode Character Creator. For more on "Starbound: Mass Effect Edition" and how to implement it, check out the community forums.

Starbound's beta launched for Linux, Mac and Windows PC in December of last year. This month, the game surpassed 1 million copies sold.

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