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DayZ creator doesn't see Rust, Project Zomboid as competitors

Dean Hall's standalone version of DayZ isn't intended to compete with survival games Rust or Project Zomboid, the developer said during a recent AMA session on Reddit.

Like DayZ, Rust and Project Zomboid are Steam Early Access titles that focus on surviving for as long as possible. When asked how he intended to keep DayZ ahead of the aforementioned titles, Hall said the game simply needs to focus on providing authentic survival, camping, hunting and so on to make it great.

"I don't see Rust, PZ, as competitors," Hall said. "I also think DayZ has already 'won' anything it needed to. Now we just need to make it a good game. It doesn't need to sell any more units, it just needs to improve. Then that means we have a good reputation to make good future games."

DayZ's alpha launched via Steam Early Access in mid-December of last year. Within the first four weeks of its release, it sold more than one million copies. The game isn't expected to enter its beta stage of development before the end of 2014.

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