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Thief gameplay video shows off customization options that bring it back to its roots

A video from Thief developer Eidos Montreal shows off some of the customization options available for both the UI and difficulty settings, as well as additional features that can be modded to return the game to settings that will feel familiar to fans of the original series of games.

This includes the removal of mid-chapter checkpoints, reticules, a hints system called "focus" and other options. These can be found in the "Classic Thief Mods" section of the game's menu system.

You can check out our preview of the reboot here, our most recent look at the game since it was first shown last October. At that time the title was said to be impeded by office politics.

Our latest look at the game states: "I experienced none of the bugs that plagued the earlier version of the game during my time playing the latest build on PlayStation 4, and speaking with those who played it on PC, those issues were also no longer present. The game's navigation was smooth and the decaying Victorian-styled city was a eerily fun setting to explore, while its stealth mechanics proved novel to experiment with."

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