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EverQuest Next 'absolutely' coming to PS4, may launch next year

Upcoming massively multiplayer online title EverQuest Next, the third in the EverQuest franchise line, is "absolutely coming to PlayStation 4," according to a post from Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley in a Reddit AMA.

EverQuest Next, which sets players in a different version of the previous games' universe of Norrath, will launch alongside its companion world-building tool, EverQuest Next Landmark. Shortly following the launch of the PS4 last November, Smedley teased the possibility of the MMO hitting the console. In response to a fan question during the AMA about seeing Next on consoles, Smedley responded that yes, the title would come to PS4.

"We will absolutely be bringing EQN to the Playstation 4," he wrote.

EverQuest Next was announced during SOE Live in August of last year. The game is currently slated to launch this year, but in the AMA, Smedley suggested Next's launch window has been extended into 2015.

"Not sure yet," Smedley wrote when asked if the title would be released this year. "Likely sometime next year."

As for Planetside 2, Smedley added that SOE would support the title for "hopefully 20 years," noting Sony is consolidating the franchises it's currently working on in order to "support the titles we want to be there for the long haul."

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