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Rare NES cartridge gets $99K bid, buyer claims 'mistake'

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Check eBay, and you'll see that a Nintendo World Championship cartridge sold for $99,902. Unfortunately for the seller of the ultra rare Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge, that isn't true.

One of only 116 cartridges manufactured, Nintendo World Championships was designed for a 1990 U.S. contest. An eBay user who goes by "Muresan" on the auction site posted the sale after deciding that he was "parting with most of my entire video game collection after collection for nearly 25 years."

As of last Friday, bidding surpassed $30,000. However, the person who submitted the winning bid told the seller that it was a mistake.

"The unfortunate reality is the second I approached the winning buyer with payment options, they retracted their bid claiming it was a 'mistake,'" Muresan told Destructoid. "I'm not offering the item to other bidders in the auction to see if any of them are honorable individuals. It may take me a while but that's about all I can do for now. It would be nice if eBay were more seller-friendly, rather than 100 percent buyer protection focused."

The next-highest bid of $99,802 (exactly $100 less) was submitted about three minutes before the wining bid.

Two other auctions are live on eBay for Nintendo World Championships cartridges. As of this writing, bids for one stand at $10,100 and the other, an even rarer gold cartridge reminiscent of those for The Legend of Zelda, has a leading bid of $33,600.

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