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Epic Games partners with university to form Epic Games Center

Epic Games — the studio behind the game-making tool Unreal Engine — recently announced its partnership with Staffordshire University to create the Epic Games Center.

The collaboration between the studio and the university will result in a fully-equipped space that the school's game design students can use. It will also enable a "close co-operation between Epic, the university faculty and its games design students," according to a press release the university sent out.

"There's a lot of talk about the need for the industry to get more involved with the academic process and have a greater input into how games design is taught," said Epic's European territory manager Mike Gamble. "This collaboration will enable Staffs' students to have a direct link with Epic and a direct line to the heart of the industry. In turn, Epic and its developer partners will have access to these world-class facilities along with a new generation of game makers totally immersed within the world of Unreal Engine technology."

The partnership has been set for two years. As part of the agreement, Epic will provide hardware, software, teaching time and access to key personnel. The Epic Games Center will will host the Epic Developers Days coming up soon.

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