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Beat up disembodied Hello Kitty heads in this Puzzle and Dragons add-on

GungHo Online Entertainment today announced its collaboration with Sanrio Waves to bring elements of mobile game Puzzle and Dragons to Hello Kitty World and vice versa.

When players log onto GungHo's puzzle role-playing game Puzzle and Dragons today, they will be able to download a dungeon inspired by world-building game Hello Kitty World. The dungeon has four difficulty levels, an amusement park theme, and players will face characters from the Sanrio universe instead of the usual dragon enemies. There will also be character mash-ups, wherein Hello Kitty will take on some of the traits of the existing Puzzle and Dragons characters.

Meanwhile, Hello Kitty World will feature a range of Puzzle and Dragons decorations that players can buy to decorate their in-game amusement park.

The collaboration is now live through to Feb. 9.

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