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Latest Gran Turismo 6 patch introduces 4 new cars

An update for Gran Turismo 6 introduces four new cars to the PlayStation 3 title, including the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision GT Racing Series, Corvette Stingray GT Concept '13 and two types of the Gran Turismo Red Bull x2014.

Patch 1.04 also features an updated list showing prizes awarded during seasonal events, a birthday log-in bonus that gives players a free car first produced around the time of their birth year, and the ability to remove the Ghost Replay button in the game's Arcade Mode Time Trial.

Gran Turismo 6 receive a 9 out of 10 from Polygon in a review that states: Polyphony Digital's love for cars has always been clear, but it's always felt a little cold and mechanical. The benefits of that technical expertise still exist in Gran Turismo 6, but they're put to much more enthusiastic use. The result is a massive, passionate game and a fitting final lap for the PlayStation 3.

The latest patch is now live everywhere.

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