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Horror adventure Our Darker Purpose launches Jan. 29

Our Darker Purpose, a top-down adventure game set in an orphanage abandoned by its caretakers, will launch for Windows PC tomorrow, Jan. 29, developer Avidly Wild Games told Polygon today.

The title will launch through Steam first, with plans for releases on the Humble Store and through the game's website the "same day or shortly thereafter."

Our Darker Purposesuccessfully funded through Kickstarter in July 2013 — chronicles the adventures of Cody, a young girl living in an orphanage after all the adults running it disappear without a trace. Cody must explore the building to determine what happened to the caretakers while navigating the battlefield that is her housemates — some of which are unhinged. The title features art emulating storybook-like drawings and gameplay incorporating role-playing and roguelike elements.

Last June we spoke with Avidly Wild co-founder David Roth, who said the story of Our Darker Purpose was inspired by Neil Gaiman's Coraline, classic survival story Lord of the Flies and Shakespeare's King Lear, while gameplay ideas were drawn from The Binding of Isaac, Don't Starve and FTL: Faster Than Light.

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