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MLG and JoinDota to hold six-week, $60K Dota 2 tournament

Major League Gaming and JoinDota are coming together to hold the six-week, $60,000 TKO tournament Feb. 4 through March 22. and JoinDota will broadcast between six and eight Dota 2 matches each day of the international tournament, where teams will complete within their geographic regions in round robin stages followed by a championship match. The first round robin stage begins Feb. 4, and championship matches will take place March 22. You can see a competition schedule at MLG's official site.

Organizers will allocate $30,000 per region with $14,000 for first place, $8,500 for second, $4,500 for third and $1,500 for fourth and fifth.

Teams from the Americas and their home regions include Denial eSports (U.S.), eHug (U.S.), For Sweet Revenge (Peru), Pool Sorcery Some Tangoes (U.S.), SADBOYS (U.S.), Speed Gaming (international), Swagenteiger (Brazil) and Team Liquid (U.S.). European teams and their home regions include Fnatic (Europe), Natus Vincere (Ukraine), (Kazakhstan), Power Rangers (Belarus), rox.KIS (Russia), (Europe), Team Empire (Russia) and (Russia).

Press play above for the TKO tournament's video announcement.

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