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Final Fantasy character designer joins Unsung Story team

Former Square Enix character designer Akihiko Yoshida has joined the team for tactical role-playing game Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians, Playdek announced today via its Kickstarter.

According to the post, Yoshida will join the project's core team at the base goal level and will contribute character artwork.

"I am interested in the game concept of Unsung Story and it looks very exciting," Yoshida said in a brief introduction video. "I made a decision to participate. Please look forward to what I create."

Yoshida departed Square Enix in early December of last year. His work includes designs from Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, Final Fantasy Tactics and recent Bravely Default titles. The designer joins former Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story designer Yasumi Matsuno, as well as composer Hitoshi Sakimoto and translators Alexander O. Smith and Joseph Reeder.

The Kickstarter update also includes information on the game's professions and classes, such as the Minister, Profession: Corporeal and Arcanite, Profession: Esoteric. Classes are tiered under 10 professions; each profession has an alignment based on culture, craft, intellect and affinities. Players will unlock new classes and professions as they progress through the game.

Unsung Story launched on Kickstarter earlier this month with a goal of $600,000. The campaign has already raised more than $429,000 and will conclude funding efforts Feb. 14. For more on the team and inspiration behind the game, check out our TGS 2013 interview with Matsuno and Playdek CEO Joel Goodman.

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