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Broken Age launch trailer goes behind the scenes into the making of a Kickstarter success

Double Fine released the official launch trailer for Broken Age this week, which gives a glimpse behind the scenes of the game's development following its successful funding on Kickstarter.

The first part of the two-part game was made available to backers on Jan. 14. The game hit Steam yesterday for those who didn't previously back the project. Broken Age is being sold with season pass-style pricing, with Act I available now and a second act coming as a free update later this year.

The studio's Kickstarter title reached $3.37 million in early 2012, a combination of funds from 87,142 backers and 8,412 individuals who jumped on board afterward as "slacker backers." While Double Fine initially planned to release the old-school adventure game that fall, the company expanded the project's scope with the extra funds.

Correction: This article previously stated that Broken Age was available through Steam Early Access, a release plan that is no longer accurate.

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