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Pokemon X and Pokemon Y online competition starts next month

The first online tournament permitting the use of Pokemon from Pokemon X and Y will begin in mid-February, The Pokemon Company announced.

The Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Beta Competition will utilize the Pokemon Global Link feature to connect battling trainers and allow the use of Pokemon from Kalos region — featured in the latest two Pokemon games — in combat. The tournament will begin on Thurday, Feb. 20 at 7 p.m. ET (midnight Feb. 21 UTC) and is open to Pokemon trainers worldwide.

Players who have registered their copies of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y to their Pokemon Global Link accounts already qualify to participate in the Beta Competition, while others have secured spots in the tournament by earning high rankings in online Global Showdown events. Those who still have not registered must do so through Pokemon Global Link by Jan. 31.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y launched last fall for Nintendo 3DS. Check out our review here and our interview with director Junichi Masuda on the titles' development for more details.

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