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Report: Xbox One dashboard update hits March, white model due this year

The Xbox One will receive its first major dashboard in March, The Verge reports, addressing numerous issues with the Xbox Live service along with other unspecified system fixes.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, The Verge reports that the update will introduce fixes for Party-chat problems as well as improving the usability and visibility of Xbox Live's social features.

The latest news follows Xbox chief product officer Marc Whitten's comments during CES 2014 where he said that the console's next major update will focus on its social features, referred to as the "Live experience." At the time, Whitten said that Microsoft aims to roll out Xbox One updates faster but the console will still receive the larger dashboard updates, with other upcoming improvements focusing on TV features.

The Verge also verified with sources that Microsoft plans to release a white Xbox One this year. The rumors originally surfaced on NeoGAF where a user claims that Microsoft may launch a white Xbox One in October to coincide with the release of Sunset Overdrive. The limited edition white Xbox One was available only to Microsoft employees.

The user claims that a 1TB model will launch in November and that the company may release an Xbox One without a Blu-ray drive. The Verge confirmed with sources that Microsoft has been testing Blu-ray drive featureless Xbox Ones.

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