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New hardware bringing sight-based interaction in mid-2014

Eye tracking hardware from developer Tobii and peripheral manufacturer SteelSeries is slated for a mid-2014 release, according to a video released this week from both companies.

Check out the video above to see Tobii's pitch for the eye tracking technology, whose possible uses include modifying a game's user interface and making enemy AI smarter. Based on your gaze, a feature a developer at Tobii calls "passive gaze triggers" could also allow you to pick up an item or convince in-game AI to begin speaking to you, rather than requiring a button press.

The EyeX Engine dev kit, which allows programmers to develop for the upcoming hardware, is available for pre-order from Tobii for $95.

At CES last year, Polygon took at look at Tobii technology, including a custom-built Minecraft demo. Check out our impressions to learn more.

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