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Anki Drive gets a software update for the real world

Anki Drive received an app update recently that brought new upgrades, support items and weapons to the real world video game that uses iOS devices to control miniature cars.

The software update brings new racing options to the track like Reverse Drive, which allows cars to make 180 degree turns, and Kinetic Break, which allows cars to come to a dead stop. The new EMP weapon will provide virtual damage to other racers as you pass.

"Because Drive is software-based, we can evolve the gameplay throughout the life of the game, to keep it fun and engaging — no matter how long you've been playing," a post on the official Anki blog reads.

For more on Anki's real life video game, be sure to check out our interview with Boris Sofman and our hands-on impressions of the Anki Drive hardware and software. The Anki Drive Starter Kit, which includes the racetrack, cars and more, is available for $199.95 through the Apple Store.

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