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Homestuck creator details, debunks conjecture on Adventure Game

Homestuck webcomic creator Andrew Hussie took to the Homestuck Adventure Game's Kickstarter blog this week to squash some rumors and reveal some details about the upcoming game.

Hussie explained the relative lack of updates since the Kickstarter was successfully funded as his attempt to "avoid spoiling stuff as much as possible" before performing "some selective debunking" of rumors.

Homestuck Adventure Game will not allow players to "design or customize characters," and will instead include a "hard wired cast of protagonists." It will be a single-player game and will not include any voice acting, according to Hussie.

"VA in this game sounds like a can of worms to me, and too easy to do badly," he wrote. "I'm personally not that big on VA in games like this anyway. I think it'll be a stronger product without it."

The game will include a cast of new characters who've never appeared in Homestuck, apparently including the "mystery girl" in the image above, as well as a new story set in a Homestuck universe but not in Sburb. "Events of story have only a loose relation to canon HS storyline," he wrote. "It is not necessary to read HS to play game."

According to the game's Kickstarter page, Homestuck Adventure Game is scheduled for a June 2014 release. For more on Homestuck, be sure to read Polygon's feature about how the webcomic was inspired by video games.

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