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Trojan targeting World of Warcraft accounts identified as fake Curse software

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The malware targeting World of Warcraft user accounts that Blizzard warned players of earlier this week has been identified as a fake version of the Curse Client, the add-on management application, according to an update from Blizzard support.

The trojan is reportedly built in a working, but malicious version of the Curse Client that can be downloaded from a fake version of the Curse website, Blizzard's update explained. The company's support team recommends that affected World of Warcraft players delete the fake Curse Client and scan their systems with free anti-malware program Malwarebytes.

Furthermore, "most security programs should be able to identify this threat shortly," a Blizzard rep wrote. Instructions on how to address a compromised account are available here.

On Thursday, Blizzard posted warnings about a potential threat to users' World of Warcraft accounts, alerting players that even with a authenticator, the suspected malware could steal account data.

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