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Short Peace anime anthology video game spin-off hits PS3 in spring

Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day will launch on the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 this spring, publisher Bandai Namco announced today.

The game is part of the Short Peace 2013 Japanese film anthology, which consists of four animated film shorts, the first of which (Tsukumo) was nominated for Best Animated Short at the 86th Academy Awards. The anthology is the latest in director Katsuhiro Otomo's oeuvre, which includes anime films Akira and Steamboy.

Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day serves as the fifth part of the collection and was written and directed by Goichi Suda. The game launched in Japan earlier this year.

Players take on the role of a young assassin who is being chased by demons. Armed with a violin and a bow, she can perform melee attacks with the bow and fire bullets by playing a note. Players must constantly run in order to stop the demons from catching up and perform flashy and colorful maneuvers to destroy obstacles.

The flashy effects aren't just for show, either. If players hit an enemy and the impact of that splashes across the screen, that splash itself can hit another enemy, effectively creating a combo chain. Players can also interact with the effects, running and jumping off them to reach platforms.

A Bandai Namco representative told Polygon the game can be played through in approximately two hours, but those who want to unlock all the game's concept art and costumes will likely find replay value.

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