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DayZ’s test server patch introduces time penalties (update)

Along with new feature additions and fixes, the latest experimental patch for zombie survival game DayZ will introduce a waiting time penalty for players who switch or disconnect from a server quickly, according to a forum post by creator Dean Hall.

The experimental update will also see a score of new additions introduced across the game's various components, such as animations, actions, zombies, effects, gear and more. For instance players can now uncuff others with the hacksaw and restrained players can't use inventory or action menu.

Other additions include hydration and high energy UI notifications, machetes and new gestures, along with tweaked zombie values and obstacle detection. Fixes address a range of issues including the ability to saw off a sawn off shotgun and weapon reloading animation problems. The full list of patch notes is located on the DayZ forums.

Hall revealed last week that the game will increase in difficulty once new vehicles and weapons are introduced, such as helicopters and small aircraft. DayZ's alpha launched via Steam Early Access in mid-December last year and isn't expected to enter its beta stage of development before the end of 2014. The alpha sold more than one million copies within the first month of its release.

Update: DayZ Patch Update 5 rolled out to the stable version of the DayZ alpha today, Feb. 5. Largely containing the additions and fixes introduced in the experimental branch, the full changleog can be read in full via the link.

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