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Sports Jeopardy hits iOS, Android in time for the Super Bowl

Sports Jeopardy, an app tailored with sports trivia and pop culture references from the athletic world by Crackle, is now available on iOS and Android, publisher Sony Pictures Television announced this morning.

The mobile game uses the traditional rules of the Jeopardy trivia television show and challenges players' with questions themed around sports. Players will have "thousands" of questions to pick through, according to a press statement, and can challenge friends in a turn-based online multiplayer mode or local competitive Party Mode.

Sports Jeopardy includes a progression system where players can unlock achievements and new challenges as well as in-game power-ups. Some power-ups will lengthen time to answer questions or add extra high dollar amount questions to the Jeopardy board. The title also features online leaderboards and the ability to dress up players' in-game avatars with jerseys and other sports items.

Sports Jeopardy is available for $0.99 through the iTunes App StoreGoogle Play and the Amazon App Store. The title is compatible with iPhone 4 and higher, iPad 2 and higher and iPod Touch 5th Gen, as well as Android version 2.3.3 and up.

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