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Killer Instinct update puts rage-quitters in Jail

An upcoming update for Double Helix Games' Killer Instinct will try to curb rage quitting by punishing those who frequently disconnect from games because they are about to lose.

According to the developer notes for the Spinal update, if a player in ranked match reaches a disconnect percentage of 15 percent, they will be placed in Jail mode, which lasts 24 hours. During this time, they will only be matched against other Jail members and will not be able to participate in ranked matches.

Each time a player is sent to Jail, the amount of time increases by 24 hours, with a cap at 120 hours (five days). While in Jail, a player's profile icon will automatically change to a custom Jail icon. When a player's Jail time is up, they will return to public matches.

The developer notes also included information on the addition of the practice mode position reset, the ability to quickly search the leaderboards and details on general bug fixes. Below is a trailer for the Spinal update, which also teases the character Fulgore.

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