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Eliss Infinity combines Super Hexagon and Tetris on iOS Feb. 6

Eliss Infinity, an expanded version of developer Steph Thirion's multitouch puzzle game Eliss, is headed to iOS Feb. 6 with a new endless mode, new mechanics and more.

The original Eliss tasked players with joining planets together or splitting them apart using multitouch controls, and Eliss's original sectors will make the transition to Eliss Infinity with a new name: Odyssey. The game also has a new look, collision warnings, a tutorial and Spacebox, "an Eliss sandbox for training or for chill times," according to Thirion.

The new Infinity mode adds a score-based endless challenge to the game. "It's a short burst, deep focus game, that ends fast and makes you go back for a higher score, until you master it and beyond," according to Thirion. "Think Tetris meets Super Hexagon meets ... Eliss, in all its multitouch intensity."

The universal app will debut at $2.99 and sync progress across devices using Game Center.

Eliss was nominated for "innovation in Mobile Game Design" at the 2009 Independent Games Festival and won the Indiecade Auteur award that same year. You can watch Eliss Infinity's announcement trailer below.

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