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Sci-fi adventure Master Reboot launching Feb. 19 on PS3

Master Reboot, a science-fiction/horror adventure game set in the near future, will be released Feb. 19 worldwide on PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Store, developer Wales Interactive announced today on the PlayStation Blog.

The first-person title centers on a massive server called the Soul Cloud. The server takes the physical form of floating islands, each of which is a town — except the buildings in those towns are used to store people's souls and memories after they die. Humans or their family members can buy space on the Soul Cloud in order to have it host their memories. Master Reboot begins when something goes awry during the process of uploading the protagonist's memories to the Soul Cloud. The player character wakes up on a beach and has to figure out their life and death.

"We deliberately tried to make something visually striking and that, combined with the music, gives a beautiful, haunting quality to the game. We wanted to create a look that would really stand out from the crowd and give us as the developers an identity and think we have achieved that with this game," said David Banner, co-founder and managing director at Wales Interactive. Master Reboot is the first PlayStation 3 game from the 14-person studio.

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