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Report: Nintendo's friend-making game Tomodachi Collection being released overseas

Tomodachi Collection, Nintendo's game about forming friendships and taking part in daily activities with Miis, will be released overseas, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Two games in the series have been released in Japan: Tomodachi Collection for Nintendo DS in 2009 and Tomodachi Collection: New Life for 3DS in 2013. Both have been bestsellers, with the original selling more than 3.2 million copies and the sequel selling more than 1.8 million copies to date. But localizing the titles, which feature Miis that speak synthesized Japanese and partake in some culturally specific (and frequently mundane) activities, has been a challenge, according to producer Yoshio Sakamoto.

According to the Wall Street Journal's report, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata indicated that the company may become more flexible in which Japanese games are localized so that they can be enjoyed abroad. "We need to work even more closely with the U.S. team," Iwata said.

When contacted, Nintendo of America declined to confirm or deny the report about Tomodachi Collection's release, saying, "Nintendo has nothing to announce at this time."

For a taste of what the most recent release, Tomodachi Collection: New Life, has to offer players, watch this video from Nintendo of Japan.

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