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Classic cartoon-inspired game Cuphead heading to PC in 2014

Cuphead, a run-and-gun game from StudioMDHR inspired by 1930s-era cartoons, will launch for Windows PC in late 2014, Joystiq reports.

In Cuphead, players take control of the titular character or his friend Mugman while traveling the game's world. After Cuphead loses a bet to the devil, he must find a way to repay his debts. During an interview with Joystiq, co-creator Chad Moldenhauer said StudioMDHR wanted to avoid the "classic save the world/princess" theme.

"This is why it is about Cuphead's deep-seated inability to stay out of trouble versus a hero destined to overcome a pre-existing obstacle," Moldenhauer said. "Even though he creates his own problems you can't help but root for his success."

Cuphead features co-op or single-player features, as well as visuals and audio inspired by old cartoons such as Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop and Popeye.

According to the developer, a console release could be possible as well. For more on the game, watch the teaser trailer below. Cuphead is an entrant in the IGF 2014.

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