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Steam Family Sharing adds two-factor authorization, lender approval

Valve's program for friends and family members, Steam Family Sharing, will now require users to identify those allowed to access shared games on shared computers, the company announced via Steam.

According to the post, the change will give lenders more control of the program, as well as reduce risk of bans as a result of unknown users accessing a shared machine. Up to ten accounts can be authorized to use a shared library, once they've been identified by the lender.

"Any of these ten users may log into any of your ten authorized machines to access and play your shared games," the post reads. "Additionally, users may still request access to your shared library by sending you a request from any machine where you've installed games."

Steam Family Sharing was announced in September. The service allows users to share a library while tracking achievements and save data individually. Steam Family Sharing is currently in beta.