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Watch a DayZ player demonstrate how to be a 'better class of criminal'

A video from YouTube user Joab Gilroy proves that while Arma 2 mod DayZ can be an unforgiving game for its newest players, not everyone will leave you for dead.

Calling himself a "gentleman bandit," Gilroy accosts a new and unsuspecting player. Instead of killing the player on sight, however, Gilroy orders him to put his hands up and marches him into a corner. After raiding the player's backpack, Gilroy takes a valuable item, but leaves a little something as a replacement.

"It's weird that Bandit now means ‘someone who kills on sight' when it's really just an armed robber," the video says. "Chernarus deserves a better class of criminal. And I'm going to give it to them."

Watch the video above to see the surprisingly gentle robbery go down.

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