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Far Cry 2 creative director departs Valve

Far Cry 2 creative director and the original Splinter Cell's game director, Clint Hocking, recently departed Valve, according to his LinkedIn profile and biography page on his personal blog.

Hocking worked at Valve as a designer and level designer from mid-2012 up until December 2013. It is not clear what projects he was working on while employed with the company.

The game developer began his game industry career working for Ubisoft in 2001. Hocking first worked on the original Splinter Cell as a level designer, game designer and scriptwriter throughout the course of its development.

He went on to hold lead level designer, scriptwriter and creative director positions during Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory's development and later became the creative director on Far Cry 2.

After almost nine years of service with Ubisoft, Hocking left the company in 2010 for a creative director role with LucasArts. The designer worked on "unannounced projects" during his two years with the now defunct company.

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