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Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD outsourced to production company Virtuos

Development on Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 HD Remaster was outsourced to China-based art production company Virtuos, according to a post on the studio's website.

The page notes that Virtuos developed both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the title. The post also calls the completion of Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD "a new milestone for Virtuos which completes its biggest project to date."

Virtuos has a long history of producing art assets for major film and video game releases, including Naughty Dog's The Last of Us, NBA 2K13 and the Windows PC version of Might and Magic Heroes 6. The company also provides porting service for many handheld and mobile titles, such as the iOS version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, in addition to art assistance on films like Exodus Film Groups' Igor and Paramount Pictures' Rango.

Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 HD launched in Japan in December. The games are slated to hit North America March 18.

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