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Snoop Lion's latest music video is an homage to Pokemon

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The latest music video from American rapper Snoop Lion features references to classic video games, putting Snoop on the front lines of Pokemon and side-scrolling space shooters.

The video above, set to his song "Get Away" from the album Reincarnated, includes heavy references to the Pokemon franchise. A tiny Snoop walks through a town in a "red/yellow/green version" of what looks like an 8-bit video game. Snoop comes across a character named Major Lazer — the DJ and artist who produced Snoop's album — who promptly challenges him to battle using creatures that appear an awful lot like Pokemon.

From there the two take to hoverboards and test themselves in a sci-fi-looking side-scrolling shooter. These are the only two games to appear in the video, but the art style looks and feels like playing a GameBoy or the SNES.

The video's artwork was done by animator Mykola Dosenko, whose other works are viewable here.

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