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Oculus CEO, Humble Bundle and Towerfall creators make Forbes 30 Under 30 for games

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Forbes' 30 Under 30 lists for 2013 were revealed today, highlighting the 30 individuals across various disciplines — such as science, education, Hollywood and games — the publication says are "reinventing the world" right now.

The Games list is topped by 21-year-old Oculus VR CEO Palmer Luckey, an engineer who began creating his first head-mounted virtual reality displays while still in high school. While Oculus is only a year-old company, the company has found continued success since its $2.4 million Kickstarter campaign in in 2012. The Oculus Rift headset is set to launch later this year.

Filling out the list are a number of industry personnel — many of them indie game developers. Those recognized by Forbes include Subset Games co-founders Justin Ma and Matthew Davis, TowerFall creator Matt Thorson, Antichamber developer Alexander Bruce, Distractionware Limited's Terry Cavanagh, Humble Bundle co-founder John Graham, former thatgamecompany art director Matt Nava and current engineer John Nesky, Supergiant Games' Amir Rao and Joystiq editor-in-chief Ludwig Kietzmann.

The full list of 30 — which includes founders and CEOs as well as programmers, designers and writers — can be found at Forbes.

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