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Joe Danger Infinity lands on iOS Jan. 9, despite flooded offices

Despite a devastating Christmas Eve flood at Hello Games, Joe Danger Infinity, an iOS-exclusive installment in the stunt racing franchise, will arrive Jan. 9, studio founder Sean Murray told Polygon.

Announced last month, the studio described Joe Danger Infinity as "the biggest Joe Danger we've ever made." According to Murray, it will include about 20 new vehicles that range from airplanes to cars and runaway fireworks.

"Our office was super badly flooded over Christmas (as was most of Guildford, the little town we're in)," Murray wrote. "However, I've always said our little team is unstoppable, and they've pretty much proved that this week! We're here in a cramped little upstairs room, with makeshift PCs and water slowly rising to the electrics ... because we have a game to release!

"We're actually slotted in to release Joe Danger Infinity on iOS on Jan. 9 and we reckon we can still do it."

Joe Danger Infinity's release will come exactly one year after Joe Danger Touch, the virtual stuntman's first mobile installment. For more on translating the console and PC franchise to touch-based devices, be sure to check out Polygon's interview with Murray, which tells the story behind Joe Danger Touch's development.

For more on the studio and its future, you can also check out our impressions of No Man's Sky, the procedurally generated space simulator Hello Games revealed at the VGX awards in early December.

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