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Dolby has your ears, and now it wants your eyes for Dolby Vision

Dolby Laboratories is famous for its forays into audio technologies like noise reduction and surround sound, and now it wants to help your eyes, too.

Announced today, Dolby Vision is designed bring "true-to-life brightness, colors, and contrast" to video signals encompassing broadcast, gaming and streaming content — including services found on modern gaming consoles.

According to Dolby, current "color-grading standards are based on the limitations of old technologies." Dolby Vision will allow televisions with the technology to display a wider range of brightness, color and contrast.

"Our scientists and engineers said, 'Okay, what if we don't have the shackles of technology that's not going to be here [in the future],'" Dolby's executive director of technology strategy Pat Griffis told The Verge, "and we could design for the real target — which is the human eye?"

Dolby list of "expected" content partners contains Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and Microsoft Xbox Video. Sharp, TCL and Vizio are showing products with the technology at CES 2014 this week. Consumer devices using Dolby Vision are expected in 2015.

Polygon's sister site went eyes-on with Dolby Vision technologies at CES. Be sure to check out impressions and interviews — including images like the one above showing the promise of the technology — at The Verge.

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