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How you'll use PS3 and PS4 apps to control Dish Network devices

Apps headed to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in the first half of 2014 will allow Sony console owners to control their Dish Network Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR.

According to today's announcement, PlayStation owners who subscribe to Dish Network will be able to download the Virtual Joey client. Combined with a wired or wireless home network, users will be able to connect with a Hopper and access live TV, recordings and the program guide.

"Dish's Virtual Joey brings the industry's most awarded DVR experience to millions of PS3 and PS4 systems already in American homes," said Joseph P. Clayton, Dish president and CEO. "We strive to provide consumers with the best TV experience and Virtual Joey means DISH is delivering even more choices in how and where consumers enjoy their Hopper."

At CES 2014 this week, Dish also announced a couple of new hardware entries to the Joey platform. Check out The Verge's coverage of the Super Joey set-top box and the Wireless Joey to learn more.

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