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Fan-made Morrowind mod project releases its first dev diary

Developers behind the Skywind project, a fan-made remake of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind with built within the Creation Engine powering Skyrim, released their first developer diary today showing off the project.

The video above details some of the creative processes behind the enormous mod and includes new footage of Skywind in action as well as interviews with development team members. In addition to bringing full voice acting throughout the game, the team is also working to redo Morrowind's environment to be more detailed while staying true to its original form. Bringing the original Morrowind world designs directly into the Skyrim engine, according to the developers, would be too barren; their challenge now is to keep the feel of Morrowind while populating the landscape.

The team behind Skywind has grown to more than 70 people and they are still looking for volunteers. Those interested in participating can check in on the mod's official website.

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