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The many configurations of Origin PC's new desktop cases

Origin PC launched two new desktop PC cases this week, both designed with customization in mind.

Designed for what Origin PC calls "Variable Mounting," the Genesis and Millennium cases allow for four different motherboard orientations: Standard ATX, Inverted ATX, 90 degrees and Inverted 90 degrees orientations, which you can see in the image below.


"We wanted to design and build a desktop case that was completely unique; not just for the Origin PC brand, but also for the PC industry as a whole." also said Richard Cary, Origin PC president and co-founder. "The PC industry has always revolutionized graphics cards and processing technology, but it has never truly revolutionized the actual desktop case design and its functionality since the past two decades. We strongly feel that our new desktop case design and its exclusive feature, variable mounting, was exactly what the PC industry has been waiting for. And with the ability to convert from a Millennium (mid-tower) to a Genesis (full-tower), our desktop case is almost future proof with the amount of possible custom options it has!"

Press play above to see the other features of the new cases, including the ability to convert the Genesis into the Millennium.

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