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Unity Games' first core published title is Archangel, coming Jan. 9

Unity Games will launch action role-playing game Archangel on Jan. 9, the company announced today.

Archangel, the first core title to launch under Unity Technologies' publishing arm, is slated to hit iOS and Android devices.

In Archangel, players will become the titular force of good sent to fight evil before it can spread across the world. Players will use touchscreen controls to cast spells and use power-ups to deal greater damage to the armies of darkness. The Archangel's armor and weapons can be customized to bolster stats and attacks, and combat will occur across various 3D environments. Archangel also features an adaptable difficulty level that will scale based on players' abilities.

Archangel was developed by Black Tower Studios, a Japan and Australia-based game studio established in March 2012 to work on mobile, tablet and console games. Archangel is their first title.

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