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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 video details doomsday clock

A new developer diary from the team behind Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy 13 takes players inside the game's doomsday clock mechanics and more.

With the doomsday clock in place, players will have to accomplish specific tasks within 13 days. This schedule affects more than just the game's outcome, however. Characters within the game will behave according to a 24-hour clock, and locations will change continuously. Places safe during the day will become more dangerous at night.

Players will also have more freedom when exploring Lightning's world, developers said. Navigating on foot is often the easiest way around, and players will be able to explore areas they find "seamlessly."

Watch the video above to see the Square Enix development team discuss time, battle mechanics and more.

Lightning Returns launches in North America Feb. 11, 2014, for PlayStation 3. It will include around 50 hours of content. For more on the game and its heroine, Lightning, check out our interview with game design director Yuji Abe.

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