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Alien: Isolation dev diary discusses horror and helplessness

A dev diary for the recently-unveiled Alien: Isolation features developers at The Creative Assembly discussing the game's origins.

Ultimately, Alien: Isolation looks the way it does because "nobody had made the game we wanted to play," says creative lead Al Hope. Previous attempts at bringing the famous Xenomorphs to the realm of video games had followed the action-movie example of the franchise's later films, turning the titular aliens into bullet-fodder enemies to be mowed down rather than terrifying predators to be feared.

Isolation would have to be a horror game, says designer Gary Napper. It would have to be a game that was "terrifying and claustrophobic," where the player would spend the entire time worried about where the alien was. This game's alien would be more like the creature in the first movie: monstrous, unstoppable and lethal, and there would only be one of it.

Alien: Isolation is headed to Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with launch targeted for late 2014. Read more in our preview feature.

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