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Facebook gaming targeting tablets, consoles

Tablets and consoles will play a larger role in Facebook and social gaming in the coming year, director of games partnerships at Facebook Sean Ryan recently told Recode.

Tablets are "quite large" as is, Ryan said, but are on their way to a larger role. According Ryan, tablets account for more than half of the revenue for many of their developers.

"The revenue per user is much higher," Ryan said. "There's what we call the triple-threat — you're sitting at home watching TV, using Facebook on your phone and playing a game on your tablet."

Facebook already has a place on the newest generation of consoles. Xbox One gameplay capture is expected to hit Facebook this year, while PlayStation 4 owners can share screenshots and video via the social networking service without the need for an app. Players can also opt to show their real identity on the PlayStation Network with Facebook. However, console owners are not often appreciated as high-value customers, Ryan said.

"I think people don't appreciate that every console owner is a high-value owner," Ryan said. "Because they've just spent $500 to $600 on a next-generation gaming console. And even on the PS3 and Xbox 360, where [Facebook] has some integration, we've found that those users, when they connect their gaming accounts to their console accounts, are incredibly committed — these guys are hardcore gamers. And when I say guys, so far they're all guys.

"So as we see that grow, it's all part of the move for Facebook to have richer media in the feed, per photos and video. To have screen-captures and video exports is driving a lot of value."

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