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Free-to-play RoboCop movie tie-in game now available on iOS

Glu Mobile's free-to-play RoboCop game, a tie-in for next month's remake of the 1987 film, is now available on iOS, the company announced this week.

Developer Glu Games worked with MGM and Columbia Pictures to produce the cover-based third-person shooter. Players take the eponymous cyborg law officer through Omni Consumer Products' training area, defending the simulated Detroit streets from common thugs as well as robots such as the EM-208. Weapons include standard firearms as well as drone strikes, and they can be upgraded along with RoboCop's suit.

The RoboCop game was released yesterday on iOS and is available free in the iTunes App Store. The Android version is scheduled to launch Jan. 15. MGM and Columbia's film, which is simply called RoboCop, hits U.K. theaters Feb. 7 and U.S. theaters Feb. 12.

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