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Report: Valve to launch standard interface for VR controllers this month

Valve is "days away" from launching a VR software development kit that will offer developers with a standardized way of creating an interface for VR controllers, the BBC reports.

"Steam is in a unique position to be this intermediary between hardware and software and users," the Valve designer told the BBC, saying that users do not want to change settings whenever they switch games. "Without that it's going to be hard for any device to get any serious traction."

According to the developer, the VR software development kit will be a component of bigger package of software tools aimed to provide developers with a standard to control games on Valve's Steam Box. The kit is expected to launch at Valve's Seattle-located Steam Dev Days conference that will be held on Jan. 14-15.

Valve is also developing technology based on "head-tracking and headset manufacture and design" in conjunction with other companies "but we have not made any specific announcements."

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