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Take a look at a 30-minute walkthrough of Dreamfall Chapters

A 30-minute walkthrough of Red Thread Games' upcoming entry into The Longest Journey adventure game series, Dreamfall Chapters, is now available on the developer's official YouTube channel.

The video features commentary from design director Martin Bruusgaard and creative director Ragnar Tornquist (although you can check out a pure gameplay demo here too if you aren't partial to Norwegian accents). The playthrough features Kian, one of three playable characters in the game, with the aim to make your way through the Friar's Keep.

The footage gives you a glimpse of the game's dialog system, which includes insight into the thought process of your character before you choose your dialog option, as well as a look at some of the puzzles that make up the bulk of the game.

In 2012, Red Thread Studios announced its licensing of the rights to the game series from Funcom, the developer and publisher of the two earlier titles in the series. The team — which includes several Longest Journey and Dreamfall alumni — has toyed with the story of Chapters since Dreamfall's release in 2001.

The game is also said to feature improved combat and basic mechanics compared to its predecessors. The team plans to resolve the cliffhangers left at the conclusion of Dreamfall, but may still leave some threads unexplored. This includes the question of what happened in the period that takes place between the original Longest Journey and its sequel set a decade later.

You can take a look at our interview with Tornquist on the development of Dreamfall Chapters and the studio's plans for the series right here.

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