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Battlefield 4 is getting a multi-platform patch later this month

EA Digital Illusions CE announced its plans to release a new game update for Battlefield 4 later this month, following ongoing technical issues that have plagued the game since its October launch.

In a post on the game's official blog, Junior Product Manager Tommy Rydling states the studio is aware players are still experiencing issues with the title.

"While millions of players are enjoying Battlefield 4, we are aware that some players are experiencing issues with the game," wrote Rydling. "While some platforms have had only minor problems, others have had more than their fair share of issues. Resolving these is our #1 priority."

Battlefield 4 was largely unplayable at launch and frequently crashed when players tried to search for and join online matches. The developer has since rolled out patches for the game, while all future expansions for the title are on hold until the technical issues are resolved.

Problems continued throughout the end of December when players complained of intermittent connectivity problems. At the time the studio released the statement: "We are continuing to monitor some intermittent connectivity issues affecting some players across various platforms. Thank you for your patience. We will update this with further information as available."

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