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PES 2015 confirmed for PS4, no word on Xbox One, Wii U

PES 2015, the next installment in the Pro Evolution Soccer sports series, is confirmed for PlayStation 4 but it is unclear if the title will also hit Xbox One or Wii U, according to a series of tweets from the franchise's official Twitter account.

In a tweet responding to a question about the possibility of PES 2014, which launched last September, being published to the PS4 or Xbox One, a representative for Konami responded that the title will not be published to next generation consoles. In the same tweet, the PES account said players can "can expect to see PES 2015 on your PS4."

The account also tweeted in response to another question that the company could not speak to an Xbox One or Wii U version of PES 2015.

Polygon has reached out to Konami for clarification on the PES account's statements and will share more details as we have them.